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Are we so different?

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Are today’s young people really ‘The Lost Generation’?

We ran a social experiment, asking young people and entrepreneurs their opinions on the big issues.

Young people, often labelled as the lost generation, are accused of being lazy and distracted. Meanwhile entrpreneurs are labelled as the most successful individuals in our society.

We brought these two groups together, blind-date style to ask their opinions on their own values, prospects and the big issues facing our country. Can we work together? Can we make this country better? Are we so different after all?

Watch this video to find out

The team

Member duncan cheatle
Duncan Cheatle

20+ years experience working with small businesses and young people

Loves: Cycling, solving problems
Best Job: CEO @ Rise To
Worst Job: Cowboy in the Amazon
Member dan bowyer
Dan Bowyer

20+ years experience helping people build businesses and implement digital strategies

Loves: Sunshine, engines, geekery
Best Job: International Boy Band Member
Worst Job: IT Support
Member rick
Rick Clare

Full stack developer with 18+ years experience delivering software and web applications

Loves: Woodwork, windsurfing, cycling
Best Job: Carpenter/Joiner
Worst Job: Shelf-stacker
Member matt jeffries
Matt Jeffries
Operations Manager

Psychology grad and ex-waiter,

Loves: Music, Newcastle United & tea
Best Job: Amazon animal rescue centre
Worst Job: Waiter